When you're looking to get those light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and other minor blemishes out of your vehicle's paint, turn to the Voodoo Ride VR7706L Micro-Finish Scratch Remover. Whether you apply by hand or machine, Voodoo's Scratch Remover is safe for use on clear-coat paint finishes and will leave a shiny, protectively sealed surface. Tired of looking at hazy headlights? Apply the Voodoo Ride Micro-Finish Scratch Remover to buff out oxidized light housings to a crystal clear finish!



  • Scratch-Free
  • Clear-Coat Safe
  • Protectively Sealed Surface
  • Cleans Up Cloudy Headlights
  • Removes Scratches and Blemishes

Note: Do not use on unpainted surfaces like vinyl, rubber, anodized metals, or decals. 

Voodoo Ride Micro-Finish Scratch Remover

SKU: VR7706L

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