63mm drop in replacement for the 04.5 to 07 Cummins. The 63 was designed to handle multiple fueling upgrades and comes equipped with an extended tip 63mm compressor wheel

This turbo can support 650 horsepower and is a great all around turbo and it only costs $1,295!

Wheel Dimensions:
Compressor: 63 mm inducer / 88mm exducer, with Extended Tip Technology.
Turbine: 76.1 mm inducer / 68 mm exducer. Cast in Inconel 713 for high-temperature operation.

Twin Scroll Divided T3 Gated Housing 14cm .80 A/R. Waste Gate set to 40psi/ user adjustable

Smeding S300 63/68/14cm Drop-In Turbo (2003-2007 5.9L Cummins)

Billet Wheel
Center Cartridge Warranty
Thrust Bearing Type
Turbine Housing Options

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