Get Sofa King Tuned already!

We're the FIRST to offer 14-18 RAM 1500/JEEP Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel ECU & Transmission Tune via OBD2 flash!

At SFT we focus on the following:

Safety limits remain in place


Engine and Transmission Life increased


Fuel Economy increased due to Engine/Transmission software optimization


NEWSFT Engine tune features:

Cruise control set at 10 mph / Resume at 5 mph

NO more throttle response lag! "Turbo lag" is gone (this is actually a 2.8 sec factory delay)

VGT Braking included standard (see FAQ on how to activate)

Improved engine warm up "high idle" tables are standard

SFT Engine ECU Tune Differences:

SFT Stage 1 standard options (emissions intact):

40HP (70 Nm / 52 ft lbs torque) Increase with options:

VGT Turbo Braking (Awesome when towing / driving normal)

SFT Stage 2 Standard Options (requires off-road exhaust): 

60HP (100 Nm / 74 ft lbs torque) Increase 

VGT Turbo Braking (Awesome when towing / driving normal)

Several custom options available, CONTACT US for more information.

*3-5 MPG ECU & 2-5 MPG TCM* Average MPG increases reported by actual customers

**Customer acceptance of SFT services assumes that All tuned/calibrated ECU files shall be used for off-road purposes only. During SFT's service the customer's stock ECU file remains on the vehicle. Customer will receive a modified ECU file (tune) and will themselves perform the programing (flash) at their discretion ONLY when on an approved off-road closed course/approved agricultural area. Customer/Owner accepts all responsibility using SFT products and agrees to comply with local Laws and regulations**

SFT ECM Tuning (3.0L EcoDiesel)

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