The best 68RFE Valve Body on the market is here, now let us tell you why.

Since its early production in 1999, the RFE platform has been plagued with many issues. Some of the biggest problems have been premature clutch failure and valvebody wear. The premature clutch failure can be isolated to hydraulic cross leaks and warped valve bodies. Approximately 80-90% of those cross leaks have been found in the OE channel plate casting.

If you look closely at the stock casting with a straight edge, you will notice that there is some severe flexing and warpage. Looking at how the valvebody is fastened to the transmission and being that there are limited contact surfaces it’s no wonder we see so many problems.

For example, fourth gear clutch failure, premature valvebody bores worn, and defective valve lands. So, we decided that the best way to fix this issue was to eliminate channel plate flexing.

Hence, a channel plate made from billet was engineered, also with shallower channels to expedite gear shifts.

For an understanding of the durability we tested the strength of the plate. We put the stock plate on a press that has a pressure gauge. With the edges supported just like factory, we then put a 1.000-inch round bar in the center. At 300lbs of pressure the stock plate warped to .168 and then cracked. We then did the same to our plate. At 1 ton it did not move. We then went to 2 tons with barely any movement. Flex was .021. Then we went to 5 tons and it was .047. So, we decided that we would give it 10 tons…. It flexed to .160 and out of fear we stopped. It didn’t return to zero, but it did however recover to .056.

Further, this valve body comes with Sonnax brand Billet accumulator pistons, laser cut bonded separator plate, and best of all, the accumulator block is precision cut to perfect flatness. In addition, heavier springs are used in place of certain weaker springs in the OE Valve Body to facilitate greater control over the unit’s shifts. We are currently beta testing a 1,200HP 68RFE, and this is the valve body that makes it happen.

This Unit Features:

- Billet Channel Plate

- Billet Anodized SSV Assembly (including end plug)

- Billet Accumulator Pistons

- Billet Accumulator Plate

- Bonded Laser Cut Separator Plate

- Steam Tanking and Pressure Cleaning

- Anodization of SSV bore

- Lathing/Stoning of contact surfaces to 0.001”

- Heavier Seat Pressure Springs

- Overdrive Spring Shim

- Billet Triple Land Anodized L/R Switch Valve

- Shallower Oil Passages to facilitate faster shifting

- Anti-flexion billet material to prevent crossleakage

- Ability to run up to 300PSI of Line Pressure (225 recommended to avoid excess heat)

- Patent Pending NeverLeak™ Technology

NextGen 68RFE Billet Valve Body (2007.5-2018 Ram 68RFE)

Accept Core Charge
Include Solenoid Pack

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