Add some serious rigidity to the bottom end of your 3.9L Cummins 4BT with the Industrial Injection PDM-06041 12mm Gorilla Girdle With Main Studs. This girdle kit will maintain overall alignment of the crankshaft and pistons bores to decrease friction in the main bearing bore and allow your engine to make more power. By joining oil pan rail and the main bearing caps together, this girdle kit will stabilize and strengthen the bottom of the cylinder block to help eliminating main cap walk by evenly distributing stress across the main bearing caps.



  • ARP XL Main Studs
  • Increased Block Rigidity
  • Strengthens Bottom End
  • Complete Installation Kit With Hardware

Kit Includes: 1 Gorilla Girdle, ARP XL Main Studs, top & bottom spacers, 1 rear main spacer bar, new oil pan bolts & lock washers, 2 rear main stud nuts (12 point), oil pickup spacer with bolts main stud Nylock nut.


Note: Please Read Instructions before starting installation. First check the torque on the main studs (12mm ARP 2000, 125 ft lbs).

Industrial Injection 12mm Gorilla Girdle w/Studs (3.9L 4BT Cummins)

SKU: PDM-06041

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