The Hamilton Cams 07-C-178/208-4BT Stage 1 Camshaft gives you that stump pulling / low end power that is perfect for heavy towing, if you live at a higher altitude, or are just looking for a very efficient setup for highway driving and you don’t go past 2,600 RPM. 
On a truck with a 62mm turbo and 80hp injectors, this cam picked up 40hp at 1700rpm, because it moves so much air at lower rpms and helps the turbo spool much sooner. 


  • Ideal for heavy towing and high altitudes
  • Extremely efficient cam for highway driving         
  • Off-idle to 2,600 rpm (Power Band)
  • Quicker turbo spool








Intake - Cam Lift: 0.290, Duration: 178, Timing: -13, C/L: 102, TDC: 0.0130
Exhaust - Cam Lift 0.320, Duration: 208, Timing: 38, C/L: 114, TDC: 0.0270
Note: Zinc additive required
Application Notes: Install with the intake from a 97-99 centerline, use with small or OEM injectors and turbos.

Hamilton Cams Stage 1 Camshaft (3.9L 4BT Cummins)

SKU: 07-C-178/208-4BT

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