DuramaxTuner 2.8L Duramax SOTF Spade Tuner (2016-2018)


2016-2018 - 2.8L Duramax, Stock Transmission

  • (Optimized Stock +10HP) - Power level near stock for towing at or over max GVWR.  Also useful for when the truck is driven by those who do not need the extra power and torque. 
  • Tow Tune (+32HP/30Ft-lbs) - This file is designed to incorporate appropriate power and torque gains for use when towing.  Greatly improves your ability to get the load up to speed and maintain it on grades or while passing. 
  • Sport Economy Tune (+45HP / 60Ft-Lbs) - A very fun tune that is recommended for daily driving use in unloaded scenarios.  This tune has a little bit too much mustard for extended high output pulls such as those you'd encounter while towing.  
  • Performance Tune (+52HP/80Ft-lbs) - No explanation needed. This is the edge of performance balanced with long term reliability.  Enjoy! 

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