✔ Replaces FlashScan/AutoCal V2

✔ Large, easy to read color screen

✔ Powerful ARM Cortex-M3, 32-bit CPU

✔ Built in 512MB micro SD Card stores hundreds of tune files and/or hundreds of hours of logged data

✔ Supports 300 VIN licenses

✔ VIN licenses store the vehicle’s VIN, making it easier to keep track of licenses

✔ Automatic controller detection and identification

✔ Displays more comprehensive OBDII test results and descriptions than FlashScan/ AutoCal V2

✔ Files transfer up to 10 times faster than FlashScan/AutoCal V2

✔ Resellers can customize menus, colors and images to achieve their own corporate look and feel

✔ Rugged Molex connectors

✔ Plug-and-Play, uses Windows’ built in USB drivers

✔ Appears as a Windows USB drive in Windows Explorer

✔ Battery backed real-time clock for accurate timestamps

✔ Built-in power supply prevents data corruption if external power supply is interrupted

✔ All-in-one light duty (CAN J1979) and heavy duty (CAN J1939) protocols

✔ VPW protocol

✔ Serial interface (RS-232)

Dealer Blank Autocal

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$408.00Sale Price

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