Calibrated Power HE300VG Stealth 64 Turbocharger (2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins)


The Calibrated Power HE300VG Stealth 64 Turbocharger can add power while lowering EGTs and drive pressure in your 2013-2018 Ram 6.7L Cummins. This turbocharger features a 11-blade custom billet compressor wheel that eliminates surging under load and delivers a great "whistle" exhaust note. No tuning is required for the installation of this turbocharger but it still outflows the factory turbo by 30%.



  • Airflow to Support 700+ RWHP
  • Oversized Custom Turbine Wheel
  • Low Drive Pressures At High Load
  • Spools Up As Quick As Stock Turbo
  • Genuine Holset Actuator & Harness
  • Made From High-Quality 7075 Aluminum
  • Improved Efficiency To Better Control EGT
  • Retains Full Function Of The Factory Exhaust Brake
  • Requires No Special Tuning & Can Be Run On A Stock Truck
  • Tallest & Widest Vanes Available Extract More Energy From Turbine
  • Dyno Verified 650 RWHP Capable With Stock Emissions Equipment
  • CPS Exclusive Vane And Shroud Plate Assembly (Stealth Nozzle Ring)
  • 11-Blade Custom Billet Compressor Wheel Eliminates Surge While Towing
  • Matched To Larger Turbine & Wider Volute Path For Class Leading High Load Performance
  • 30% More Airflow Available Compared To OEM & Capable Of Up To 42-45PSI At Sea Level

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