The Blackbird Innovations SR-71 Turbo upgrade is a complete factory replacement. Built to work perfectly with your factory hardware this 43mm Billet/Ball Bearing Turbocharger creates a unique sense of urgency when you find the accelerator pedal. TUNING IS REQUIRED with this Turbocharger in order to maximize gains and perfect drivability. Compatible with factory emissions system.

What to expect

  • Phenomenal power
  • Increased economy
  • Lower EGT's
  • BBI Turbo Noises *skrrrrt*
  • Retains exhaust brake function



  • Works with Factory or ADP Intake
  • Uses factory intercooler piping
  • Retains exhaust brake function
  • Easy Install 

Blackbird Innovations SR-71 Turbo Upgrade (2016-2020 2.8L Duramax)

Include Autocal
Include ADP Tuning
Include DSP4 Switch

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