The Blackbird Innovations SR-71 Turbo upgrade is a complete factory replacement. Built to work perfectly with your factory hardware this 43mm Billet Turbocharger creates a unique sense of urgency when you find the accelerator pedal. With a full compliment build of larger compressor wheel, larger turbine wheel, upsized vanes and thrust bearing you have a true heavy duty unit. Precision machining and balancing is completed in order to provide you with a Turbocharger that will go above and beyond. TUNING IS REQUIRED with this Turbocharger in order to maximize gains and perfect drivability. Compatible with factory emissions system.

What to expect

  • Increased economy and passing power
  • Lower EGT's while towing and increased flow in high demand situations
  • SR-71 howl
  • Retains exhaust brake function for utility and towing



  • Works with Factory or ADP Intake
  • Uses factory intercooler piping
  • Drop in upgrade that comes with all components required for install 

Blackbird Innovations SR-71 Turbo Upgrade (2016-2020 2.8L Duramax)

Include Autocal
Include ADP Tuning
Include DSP4 Switch

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