The Banks Power Banks Power 66562 iDash 1.8 Expansion Gauge is a standard sized 52mm (2 1/16") "Super Gauge" that connects to a Banks primary gauge like the 66560 or 66560-DL to add even more monitoring capability to your vehicle! The iDash can display up to eight advanced parameters on a single screen in real time. This secondary add-on gauge features a customizable multiple layout display with a 4-button interface that allows users to view data your dash doesn't display. Read boost pressure, EGT's, and so much! Up to 3 iDash Expansion Gauges can be daisy chained to the primary 66560 or 66560-DL gauge for that perfect matching A-pillar gauge setup. Don't just monitor your vehicles performance, define it with the Banks Power iDash!



  • Secondary Gauge
  • Change Screens/Colors
  • Auto-Dimming Backlight
  • Log Up To 20 Min/Max Values
  • Over 300 Parameters Available
  • Daisy Chain 2 Additional Gauges
  • Read 2-8 Parameters Per Gauge
  • Customizable Multiple Layout Display


Note: This is a secondary gauge that requires a primary Banks iDash gauge like the 66560 or 66560-DL to function. This gauge does not feature data logging. 

Banks Power iDash 1.8 Expansion Gauge

SKU: 66562
Include Suction Cup Pod

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