Big Hoss® Intake Manifold


A BankSpeed product proven in the Banks Duramax Sidewinder® S-10 diesel drag truck, the Big Hoss Intake Manifolds are the only purpose-built manifolds created for a Duramax. Big Hoss replaces the factory's crude clamshell intake with a tuned 16-port manifold assembly that provides tremendous flow and uniform air distribution for more available power at a given boost level.

Includes: Twin plenum manifolds and mounting hardware; Fuel system relocation plumbing and hardware; Boost air inlet nipple fittings

For use at sanctioned racing events only


Attenion: This is for the serious Performance Customer.  This manifold is NOT a bolt on and go set up. There are several major engine components that must be relocated and/or modified to accommodate the intake system such as; the turbo, EGR valve, fuel and coolant components, alternator, AC compressor and engine fan. Also, this system was designed to operate with a custom twin turbo set up. With the proper tuning this will be the most powerful and proven kit for your Duramax.


Not available for sale in the state of California 

Banks Power Big Hoss Intake Manifold (2001-2015 6.6L Duramax)

SKU: BP42733

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