AutoSync (K2XX) GM 2014-2019

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AutoSync is a highly advanced OBD interface module that unlocks many advanced features in your 2014+ GM K2xx full size truck or SUV. Installation only takes seconds, is fully plug-and-play, does NOT affect factory warranty coverage, and is completely undetectable by the GM dealer.

Integration and control of the AutoSync's features is almost as-if GM included these features from the factory!

Extremely intuitive, all easily accessible via the factory touch screen.


Available integrated automatic torque converter lockup controller!

The world's only plug-and-play ZERO-code high performance lockup controller for the Allison transmission! Perfect for 475+rwhp street/strip/pull trucks!


Compatible with:

2014-2018 Sierra/Silverado 1500

2015-2019 Sierra/Silverado 2500/3500 HD

2015-2019 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/Escalade/Denali

2015-2018 Colorado/Canyon


    NOTE: 2017+ vehicles currently have some additional feature limitations (strobe/work lights only function with key on engine off unless you send the BCM in to be unlocked) and require a minor wiring change under the dash at the Serial Data Gateway module. Please CLICK HERE for the 2017+ installation instructions supplement


    NOTE: We now offer an easy plug-and-play solution for 2017+ vehicles that eliminates the need to do the (sometimes frustrating!) SDGM wiring mod! CLICK HERE



    • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) disable (NOTE: this is illegal to use on public road-going vehicles, it must ONLY be used on offroad/race vehicles).
    • TPMS warning threshold reprogram (adjust desired tire pressure for different tires)
    • Automatically activate backup camera when turn signal is selected, to give enhanced view of blind spots and area behind truck
    • Automatic launch control/brake line-lock feature integrated with the ABS module (2014-2016 only)
    • Control of EFILive DSP switchable tuning or EZ-Lynk SOTF tuning via tapshift buttons and Driver Info Center (DIC) display. (note: requires additional accessory wire, available CLICK HERE )
    • Strobe lights mode. When triggered by the user, AutoSync will command all of the vehicle’s exterior lights to strobe in a rapidly alternating/repeating pattern. The high beam headlights, low beam headlights, front turn signals, rear turn signals, reverse lights, fog lights, and CHMSL are all activated/cycled in the strobe pattern. This is great for snow plow trucks, fire/EMS customers, government customers, or show trucks.
    • Manual high-idle control (great for warming up vehicles in cold, or to increase engine RPM while jump-starting other vehicles).
    • Automatic notification to alert the driver when Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration process is active.
    • Open AND close windows while vehicle is off using factory keyless entry remote. From the factory, only windows open is allowed! AutoSync allows you to put windows back up as well (currently only 2014-2016, 2017+ available soon)
    • Auxiliary reverse light feature. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the lights on the puddle/task lights on the mirrors are illuminated to provide additional side lighting while backing up at night. From the factory, ONLY the reverse lights themselves are turned on
    • Work lights feature. When triggered by the user, AutoSync will command the reverse lights, cargo/bed lights, and mirror puddle lights ON. This feature can provide excellent rear/side illumination at night for hooking up trailers, checking cargo in the bed while driving, checking trailer while driving, etc
    • Easily self-learn new keyless entry remotes. (previously, this required a dealer visit on 2010+ vehicles)
    • Manually activate backup camera display at any time while driving to check on trailer/cargo/etc.
    • Automatic torque converter lockup controller for racing/sled-pulling applications.
    • Enhanced engine/transmission data display to show actual engine coolant temp, actual engine oil pressure, turbocharger boost pressure, exhaust gas temperature, current transmission gear, and torque converter lockup status and much more in the factory navigation/radio display.
    • Also show live engine data in the instrument cluster DIC
    • Read/clear powertrain DTCs right from the factory radio/navigation unit controls.
    • DPF service regeneration, Allison transmission fast learn, Allison transmission TAPS reset.
    • Built in 0-60mph performance timer
    • Vehicle dynamics live data display (shows vehicle G-forces, yaw rate, acceleration, brake pressure, etc)


    • And much more!


    Be sure to fully read instructions and features list before purchasing/installing

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