ADP Catch Can Kit (2016-2021 GM 2.8L)
  • ADP Catch Can Kit (2016-2021 GM 2.8L)

    SKU: ADP-2.8-CCV

    The American Diesel Power Catch Can Kit is a race proven application designed specifically for use in the 2.8 Duramax powered Canyon/Colorado. The purpose of the catch can is be placed inline with your factory CCV system. This CCV system is designed to allow the crankcase to breathe oil and fuel vapor out and into the intake tract to be later consumed by the engine. This is factory emissions control system that could use improvement. The American Diesel Power Catch Can adds to your stock, tuned or off-road truck by giving the engine a chance at life by coalescing all oil/fuel vapor out of the air and only then allowing the air to re-enter the intact tract. Without the can here you are coating your turbocharger compressor wheel, intercooler piping, intercooler and intake manifold with dirty oil reducing the cooling effects and service life of the entire system. This oil combined with EGR soot creates a heavy sludge that eventually is ingested by your powerplant.

    During winter months it is important to keep an eye on moisture/condensation collection as this can cause a frozen element to create excess crankcase pressure resulting in possible oil loss via the rear main seal. Removal of the baffles can be done in a matter of minutes. 


    • Does not conflict with warranty
    • Captures condensation/fuel/oil vapor 
    • Enhances factory emissions by reducing heavy waste
    • Easy to install
    • Easy to service
    • Multiple mounting locations


    Kit contents

    • BMS Billet Catch can (only can available with proper 5/8" ports)
    • American Diesel Power aluminum mounting bracket (can be easily cut/drilled to allow user specific mounting location)
    • 4ft of Fuel/Oil Resistant Plumbing (allows end user to choose direction of mount before cutting)
    • 3ea 12-27mm Heavy Duty hose clamp
      Include CCV Complete Kit

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