So you've just brought home your awesome new Canyon or Colorado with the 2.8L Duramax Diesel. It's a killer light duty truck with a fuel efficient and powerful diesel engine but, it's got this delay when you step on it. You go to pull out into traffic and the truck just falls on its face as you floor it. This is both scary and simply not cool. If there's a way to solidify the reliability and driving experience of your 2.8L Duramax, this is it. Included in the Stage 1 Package is everything you need to completely change the way your truck drives and constantly put a smile on your face.

Kit Contents

  • ADP Carbon Fiber Induction System (CFIS)
  • ADP Billet Aluminum Catch Can System
  • ADP EFI Live Autocal with Optimized Engine and Transmission Tuning


The ADP Carbon Fiber Induction System (CFIS) is a one of its kind intake made from exotic materials at a price below the competitors ugly black plastic tubes. During heat cycle testing the CFIS put on a quite a show. Heat soak was reduced by 50% compared to the factory closed box intake and further a 233% compared to an open filter element style intake. There is zero sense in sucking in 200 degree air from under the hood simply to reduce air density and rob power and economy from your truck. We realized another tally in the win column for ADP after flow testing. After installing the included AFE drop in filter we picked up 11% more flow than with an OEM filter. Simply put the CFIS pulls in a higher volume of cool dense air than a stock sealed unit or an open element style intake. Included is an AFE High Flow Filter (Dry or Oiled), 3-3.5" Carbon Fiber plumbing, heavy duty silicone couplers, stainless steel T-Bolt style clamps and a bi-metal silica heat shield. 


Second up to bat in the Stage 1 Package is the ADP Billet Catch Can System. This kit utilizes a application specific bracket to place an all aluminum made in the USA catch can behind the coolant reservoir out of the way for engine access and easy maintenance. This system includes the billet can, a black aluminum coated bracket, mounting hardware, large HD hose clamps and 4ft of 7/8" fuel hose. The aluminum can and bracket are highly resistant to corrosion and feature oversized ports for use in diesel engines. The large HD hose clamps provide a clean look and secure holding power while the 7/8" fuel hose matches perfectly to the factory fittings. This can may be run in either a factory recirculation style or vented. (Please check your local laws to confirm which is acceptabel for your area)

Last in the chute is the newest entry to the tuning market for the 2.8L Duramax diesel. This fully emissions intact engine tune when paired with ADP's own transmission tune yields a transformed driving experience. More get up and go from a stop, more passing power, more economy and simply put more fun. The transmission tune provides an enhanced shift schedule and allows you to maintain a higher gear while cruising. Recalibrated torque converter lock-up allows smooth application of power while minimizing slippage to reduce wear and prolong component life. During daily driving to include 60mph hwy down to 20mph speedzones and heavy traffic you can expect a 10% or better gain in fuel economy. We saw our own vehicle increase in mileage from 24-25mpg combined to 28mpg. Included is an ADP EFI Live Autocal, Optimized Engine Tuning and Transmission Tuning.


*2017+ Trucks require a $50 EFI Live controller auth code*

After receiving your autocal ADP will provide you with instructions on how to obtain your controller auth code. You will need a windows PC to accomplish this.

ADP Stage 1 Package (2016-2019 2.8L Duramax)

Filter Type
Include CCV Complete Kit

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