The off-road, emissions removed tuning you've been looking for coupled with mandatory hardware for a sleek final product. ADP EFI Live Tuning is designed to take what the manufacturer left on the table with modest tuning and give that back to you in the form of increased fuel efficiency, power, and driveability. This tuning is designed to put a smile on your face, not break the bank, and give you increased capability whether your truck is a daily driver, tow pig or weekend hauler.

Our Race Tune is the most powerful powertrain calibration available for an otherwise stock truck. Peak gains of 53% whp and 41% wtq. (78whp and 120wtq)

Included Features

o Enhanced drivability throughout the RPM range- More consistent power delivery under all conditions.

o Dead Pedal removed- Adjusted to help you get moving from a start quicker and safer, reduced throttle delay compared to stock calibration.

o Improved quick warm up mode- Bring engine temps up to normal operating range quicker for enhanced engine lubrication and quicker heat production for occupants.

o All OEM safeties left intact- Rest assured knowing ALL factory engine protection measures have been left in operation.

Special Features (By Request)

o Calibrate Speedometer for tire size/gear changes

o Adjust rev limiter

o Increase max speed for emergency vehicles (subject to tire speed rating)

o Reduce max speed for fleet vehicles

o ADP Krawl Mode


Tune Levels

Optimized Stock - The Optimized tune with superior throttle response, reduced dead pedal. This tune does not remove any factory safeties or limiters. This is designed as a superior daily driving tune for those wanting reliability and safety with a more driver friendly experience. An outstanding calibration for towing at or above the max rated capacity of your vehicle. Expect 3-5mpg improvement in economy.


Light Tow (+34whp / +63wtq) - The Light Tow tune builds upon the refinement and power offered by the Optimized tune by ensuring you have the power needed for towing as well as spirited daily driving. This tune does not remove any factory safeties or limiters. Expect 3-5mpg improvement in economy.


Street - This tune further improves excitement by increasing peak power production and delivering a sporty and assertive driving performance. This tune is intended for unloaded driving. This tune does not remove any factory safeties or limiters. Expect 3-5mpg improvement in economy.


Race (+78whp / +120wtq)- When you switch to Race, you're asking for the limit. This tune is powerful enough that we DO NOT RECOMMEND TOWING with it. This is a great tune for the unloaded street truck that desires maximum performance and aggressive power. This tune does remove factory safeties and limiters. Expect 3-5mpg improvement in economy.


Transmission Tuning

Stock- Factory stock trans calibration.


Tuned w/Stock Pressures- Modified shift patterns, stock trans line pressures, softer shifting without reduced torque control.


Tuned w/Tuned Pressures- Modified shift patterns, increased line pressure, faster shift execution.


Tuned w/Full Lock Shifting- Modified shift patterns, increased line pressure, fast firm shifting with full converter lock up.


*2017+ Trucks require a $50 EFI Live controller auth code*After receiving your autocal ADP will provide you with instructions on how to obtain your controller auth code. You will need a windows PC to accomplish this.

Due to EPA regulations, United States federal law, and CARB enforcement we cannot deploy this package to customers in the United States. We ask that you refrain from ordering it if you do not have international vehicle registration or an international shipping address. Failure to meet these 2 qualifications will result in your order being cancelled minus a 20% cancellation fee.  

ADP EFI Live Non-USA Tuning (2016-2019 2.8L Duramax)

Include Autocal
Tune Type
Include DSP4 Switch

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