ADP EFI Live Tuning (2017-2021 GM 1.6 Ecotec)


Stock : This is the boring OEM calibration your truck arrived with. You will retrieve your stock file upon receiving your autocal. This will allow you to return to stock whenever needed.

High Output : This calibration serves to fill a position that were the LH7 offered in a High Output version, this would be it. Linear pedal feel accompanied with added low/mid range torque and a modest bump in horsepower at the top end this is an excellent all around tune. Highly recommended daily driving or towing.


  • Commanded power increased 15%
  • All factory temperature derate tables active (Coolant/Air/Engine temp)
  • Torque Limits increased to accomodate power level
  • Improved throttle response at all engine speeds
  • 3-5 mpg gain driving loaded or unloaded
  • Speed Limiter set to 155mph

  • Stock ECM/TCM reads are required
  • EFI Live Tuning is an all in one system that allows scanning, datalogging, reading and flashing of stock or custom calibrations to your factory engine and transmission controllers. 

    Tuning: Let us know what you need! Whether it's for a tow rig or a weekend track truck that you want more power from or a daily driver that you just want the best mileage from. All our calibrations are built specifically for your truck and how you use it. 

    SOTF/DSP/CSP: Allows you to switch your tunes on-the-go with a 4 or 5 stage rotary knob that is to be mounted on your dash for quick adjustments between tunes.

    SGM Bypass Cable (Ram 6.7L): If you are tuning your truck for the first time, you'll need one! It allows you to bypass the OEM security system built into the 18+ Trucks. 

    This product will include American Diesel Power tuning with either a single tune or switchable tunes. American Diesel Power builds their custom tunes for the Cummins/Duramax/Ecotec. These calibrations will allow you to make safe and reliable power in your 4th gen Cummins truck.

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