ADP LML EFI Live Tuning (2011-2016 6.6L LML Duramax)
  • ADP LML EFI Live Tuning (2011-2016 6.6L LML Duramax)

    Tune Benefits

    • Makes 480+ rwhp and 880+ ft-lbs of torque
    • With our tuning you will never see black clouds of smoke during acceleration
    • Improved fuel economy by optimizing shift patterns and converter lock up
    • No diesel smells while idleing or during cold start conditions
    • No uncomfortable droning or resonance during towing
    • Easily return to stock with factory restore file
    • Does not make you a target for Law Enforcement
    • Extended Remote Start length to 40min per start
    • Unlimited Remote Start repeat (up to 225 starts)
    • Enhanced Exhaust Brake Performance
    • Speedometer Calibration for Gear Ratio/Tire Size
    • Recalibration for Fuel Tank Size
    • Cooling Fan Engagement (ECT and EOT)
    • Stability Control DCS (Enable/Disable)
    • Stability Intervention (Enable/Disable)
    • Tune Power Levels

      Tune Horsepower Torque Gains
      Stock 330 rwhp 625 ft-lbs Stock
      Heavy Tow 365 rwhp 655 ft-lbs +35 rwhp/30 ft-lbs
      Optimized 395 rwhp 710 ft-lbs +65 rwhp/85 ft-lbs
      Street 460 rwhp 860 ft-lbs +130 rwhp/235 ft-lbs
      Race 480 rwhp 880 ft-lbs +150 rwhp/255 ft-lbs


    • Description

      ADP EFI Live Tuning is designed to take what the manufacturer left on the table with modest tuning and give that back to you in the form of increased fuel efficiency, power, and driveability. This tuning is designed to put a smile on your face, not break the bank, and give you increased capability whether your truck is a daily driver, tow pig or weekend hauler.

      Included Features
      o Enhanced drivability throughout the RPM range- More consistent power delivery under all conditions.

      o Dead Pedal removed- Adjusted to help you get moving from a start quicker and safer, reduced throttle delay compared to stock calibration.

      o Improved quick warm up mode- Bring engine temps up to normal operating range quicker for enhanced engine lubrication and quicker heat production for occupants.

      o All OEM safeties left intact- Rest assured knowing ALL factory engine protection measures have been left in operation.

    • Install Info

    • What is EFI Live?

      EFI Live Tuning is an all in one system that allows scanning, datalogging, reading and flashing of stock or custom calibrations to your factory engine and transmission controllers. 

      Tuning: Let us know what you need! Whether it's for a daily driver and weekend track truck that you want more power in or a stock tow rig that you just want the best mileage from. All our tuning is custom written for your truck and how you use it. Just let us know in the order notes and we'll get them written for you.

      SOTF/DSP/CSP: Allows you to switch your tunes on-the-go with a 4 or 5 stage rotary knob that is to be mounted on your dash for quick adjustments between tunes.

      SGM Bypass Cable (Ram 6.7L): If you are tuning your truck for the first time, you'll need one! It allows you to bypass the OEM security system built into the 18+ Trucks. 

      This product will include American Diesel Power tuning with either a single tune or switchable tunes. American Diesel Power writes their custom tunes for the Cummins/Duramax/Ecotec. These calibrations will allow you to make safe and reliable power in your Cummins, Duramax, or Ecotec Diesel powered vehicle.

    Tune Type
    Trans Tuning
    Include Autocal

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