• Latest Update for your vehicle. If you are experiencing minor issues or needing transmission adjustments, the latest update often resolves it. If you are already on latest update, please select “Basic Revision”. *ESTIMATED* wait time for Latest Update is 2-3 days, excluding weekends and holidays.


  • Basic Revision for your vehicle. GM ECM Updates and Recalls. Aftermarket air intake, tire size, code removal, grid heater, aftermarket lift pump, stock to aftermarket trans, tuning adjustments to current setup, no major hardware fueling changes. *ESTIMATED* wait time for Basic Revision is 5 days, excluding weekends and holidays. Tire Size Adjustments (after initial order), Gear Set Changes (after initial order), lift pump additions.



  • Advanced Revision for your vehicle. CP3 Upgrade, Nozzles, Injectors, Turbo swap, Nitrous, Water/Methanol Injection.*ESTIMATED* wait time for Advanced Revision is 5 days, excluding weekends and holidays. Advanced revisions will generally need data-logging best end result.


  • Rush Revision for your vehicle. Needing a revision faster than normal wait times, this is for you. *ESTIMATED* wait time for Rush Revision is 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.Wait times are estimated. Complexity of revisions, and amount of revisions ahead of you will affect your wait time. As a result, your revision will take more or less time than others to process.Please select local pickup option as this product will be emailed to you. If you do not choose local pickup you will be charged for shipping.

ADP EFI Live Tune Revision


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