Driver Selectable Tuning for the 6L50 Transmission. This allows the driver or pilot to select parameters within their transmission tune for complete customization.

  • Shift times- The amount of time required to execute a gear change.
  • Shift pressure- The transmission generated pressure behind the shift.
  • Converter lock during shift- This can allow the torque converter to remain locked during shifting.
  • Torque Management- As applied to up-shift, down-shift, and power shifting.
  • End of Shift Torque Reduction- Method for reducing engine torque during a shift.
  • GearBox Torque Limits- Recommend elevated torque limits for Race Tune, Turbo Upgrade, or Nitrous.

6L50 EFI Live Transmission Tuning (Driver Selectable Tuning)

Shift Time (Quickness)
Shift Pressure
Converter Locked for Shifts
Torque Management
End of Shift Torque Control
Gearbox Torque Limits

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