Today’s equipment is working harder under harsher conditions to produce the same output as it always has. As the going gets tough, Schaeffer’s heavy-duty diesel oils provide the extra muscle your engine needs to preserve durability.

When operating temperatures rise, our proprietary additives allow our oils to maintain performance for more hours and over more miles. Better oxidation and thermal stability means optimal performance, less oil consumption and longer component life.

Strong Oxidation and Thermal Stability

Schaeffer’s robust oils resist breaking down in higher operating temperatures, allowing your equipment to consistently run effectively.

Superior Soot Busting Performance

Blended with enhanced detergency and dispersancy additives, our oils shield your engine from low temperature sludge buildup and high temperature deposits.

Reduces Wear, Scuffing and Abrasion


Schaeffer’s oils are formulated with proprietary friction modifiers Micron Moly and Penetro to reduce wear and friction on bearings, rings, pistons, cylinders and valve-trains.

Cold Weather Startup Protection


As temperatures drop, Schaeffer’s synthetic oils still flow freely and quickly circulate throughout your engine the moment it starts. Our full synthetic oils provide maximum cold weather startup protection in temperatures as low as -40°.

Up to 5% Fuel Savings


Schaeffer’s synthetic oils are routinely tested each year, and the results consistently show our oils produce real savings to your bottom line.

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